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Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and The Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) describes research initiatives in marine and water resources and coral reefs. The Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI), which discusses climate science and insurance risk. Atlantic weather information, includes satellite imagery, current conditions, tropical activity, links to other tropical-weather resources, and excellent information on current hurricane activity. The linked Coral Cam site contains over 80 pages of information (including live camera pictures) on Bermuda coral reefs and related environmental issues. Photos of corals, plants, and fishes can be downloaded by clicking on the image. Dr. Debbie's Creature Feature discusses an unusual project on migrating deep-sea animals. BBSR also provides a variety of educational programs and teaching aids for graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 students as well as continuing education. A message board allows users to ask questions of scientists and graduate students.