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Acid Rain Lesson Plan

The National Park Service Air Resources Division has developed a series of activities for grades 6-8 to help teach students about acid rain. The site consists of links to the background of the lesson plan and the five activities designed for the students. Time required for each activity is shown. Lessons cover the pH scale, the difference between an acid and a base, gases that contribute to acid rain, how acid rain is measured and monitored in the U.S.A., and understanding weather maps and the importance of storm tracking. Each of the pages can be printed individually or the entire lesson plan can be downloaded as a PDF.

Water Resources of the United States

View streamflow, groundwater level, and water-quality data for the United States. Sections also available on publications, maps, photos, software and education in water.

Florida Center for Environmental Studies

Facilitates and coordinates environmental research and training, and communicates environmental knowledge. CES addresses the issues, problems and management of water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems in Florida's environment and global, tropical and subtropical ecosystems.

Institute of Water Research at Michigan State University

The Institute of Water Research at Michigan State University (MSU) is responsible for coordinating research and educational programs on surface water and groundwater quality and quantity. The Institute addresses land and water issues and strengthens MSU's efforts in nontraditional education, outreach, and interdisciplinary studies.

Earth Kind Publications

Publications explaining the principles and practices for the urban landscape. Topics include Water Conservation, Low Volume Irrigation, Irrigation System Auditing, Mulch, Rainwater Harvesting, Raised Beds, Landscaping for Energy Conservation, Landscape Design, Plant Selection, Soil Improvement, Fertilization, Integrated Pest Management, Pesticides, Native Habitat, Natural Nutrients and Composting.