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Ninth Water Information Summit (WIS-9)

5th - 7th of June 2007 at West Palm Beach, Florida


The Water Information Summits have been an annual event since 1998. They are a component of the Inter-American Water Resources Network and feed into the hemisphere Dialogues. The meetings bring together a diverse group of people concerned with making water information an effective tool for society, particularly to help promote access to and use of safe water for all people.

WIS 9 follows a successful WIS-8 in Brasilia in June 2006.


The main themes of WIS-9 put in a question format are:

  1. What technical measures can improve information about water?
  2. How can the IWRN regional nodes set up under DeltAmerica project be utilized?
  3. Given climate change how do we use adaptive management in water information?
  4. Is water information used for mitigation, adaptation, or to address climate change on water resources.
  5. What educational communication, marketing, press, public relations and outreach activities can bring the message of safe water as a scarce resource to all stakeholders?
  6. Where do we invest our time and efforts in gathering, processing, and distributingwater information and for what purpose.
  7. What networks, partnerships, and connections can link water information at the individual, basin, country, and internationally?


The outcome of the meeting is planned to be twofold:

  1. A report to the Dialogue VI in Guatemala on the findings of the last 3 WIS meetings.
  2. A publication of the findings in a professional journal.

Water Information Summit Documents

The following documents pertain to WIS-9:

  1. Tramontana WIS9
  2. Fernandez WIS9
  3. ecoMundus WIS9
  4. Pathak WIS9
  5. Palombo Moody WIS9
  6. Cobos WIS9

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