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Eleventh Water Information Summit - (WIS-11)

2nd - 3rd of November 2009 at Universidad de Talca, Santiago, Chile


The 11th Water Information Summit (WIS-11) “Water Information for Policy and Decision Making” organized by the WaterWeb Consortium, in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Universidad de Talca and the Florida Center for Environmental Studies (CES). The meeting is a continuation of a decade-long effort to incorporate water information into decision making around the hemisphere.

The thrust of this meeting is to promote an expansion of partnerships to exchange experiences and lessons learned with other environmental and water information professionals, building upon the newest information and technologies. There will be presentations on water policy and water technology systems from organizations around the hemisphere.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Session 1: How Water Information Fits into Decision Making
Session 2: Information for Decision Makers at All Levels (part 1)

Available Information Systems for data collection
Showcase water data collection systems that are being used in Chile: The Hydrometeorological network of the Chilean Directorate of Waters
Map of Arid, Semi-Arid and Sub-Humid Zones in LAC
IHP LAC Water Information Data Base

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Session 3: Information for Decision Makers at All Levels (part 2)
Aguas Andinas, the water utility for the metropolitan area in Chile and the use of information for the performance of the company
Session 4: Water Information in Chile

Climate change: use of information about events like Glaciar Lake Outlburst Floods, GLOFS, to prevent damages to the populations and facilities
The Water Resources Information Center of the Chilean Directorate of Waters: Information available for people and citizens

Session 5: Partnerships for Water Information Management
Cooperation partnership for water information management, among the Chilean Directorate of Waters and the Authority of the Panama Canal